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Veterinary Approved Products

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New Pet Parent Superfood Range
Natural Ingredients

A minimum of 35% freshly prepared

Valuable Protein

Gently cooked with Freshtrusion technology to protect the valuable protein.

Naturally Preserved

No added artificial colours or preservatives. Naturally preserved using rosemary.

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Free Gift When you purchase two bags of 2kg Food

Our Mission

New Pet Parent’s mission is to be the educational platform for new pet parents (and experienced ones) to help you learn how best you can help your dog thrive by learning about nutrition and wellness, both physical and mental, so they can enjoy their life to the fullest with their human families.


At New Pet Parent we aim to achieve this by focusing on educating our customers on the various aspects of dog care, focusing on science and the latest research by making it simple, so you can understand why it is important to look after your dogs and help them to remain healthy throughout their lives.


One of the staples on pet health is nutrition, as we are what we eat! 

At New Pet Parent we have chosen the best ingredients in the market to offer our customers a great range of carefully selected formulas to provide your dog with excellent nutrition from the early start. We have additionally created a selection of veterinary-approved supplements to support their health throughout their lives and keep their bodies in tip-top condition at all times.

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Meet Our Chief Veterinary Officer, 
Dr Cristina Diaz-Madronero

Dr Cristina is an experienced veterinary surgeon, author of "The New Pet Parent Book; A simple guide to help your dog thrive" and founder of New Pet Parent. Her main goal is to promote responsible pet ownership through education and help new pet parents learn everything they need to know to help their dogs be healthy and happy.

Free Gift When you purchase two bags of 2kg Food

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In the past I have really struggled finding a great dog food that will help my puppy’s health and growth. I love the superfood blend cause it gives my puppy all the vitamins and minerals she needs. New Pet Parent Dog food is the only option for me now! -


Jess Thomas

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