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Puppy Food

Welcome to New Pet Parent, where our mission is to provide your little furry bundles of joy with the best tools to thrive. We understand the importance of giving your puppy the best start in life and setting them up to win. Finding the right food may seem complicated, and at New Pet Parent we want to help you.  The New Parent Parent puppy food range has been designed with excellent quality ingredients carefully chosen to maximize their health benefits  We aim is to provide all customers not only with the best puppy food around, but we’re here to educate and teach you all there is to know about becoming a new pet parent. If you want to find out how the new pet parent came about and our mission behind the business, visit our about us page today!

We are proud to provide you with a complete and balanced FEDIAF-approved puppy food designed to maximise its nutritional value. The unique Freshtrusion(R) cooking method used to produce the New Pet Parent puppy food recipe helps to preserve the valuable fresh protein included in the formulation to maximise the nutritional value for your dog. The New Pet Parent superfood range has no artificial colours or preservatives, and we are proud to say the food has been naturally preserved, which is a great added bonus when looking for your chosen dog food. Once your puppy begins to grow and becomes an adult dog, we have an updated recipe specifically for this life stage. If you are currently looking to buy dog food for your adult dogs, check out our range of specific adult dog superfood here. We can’t wait to see your little one developing into a beautiful dog!

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