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When it comes to caring for your dog, there is nothing more important than making sure they eat the right food. New Pet Parent's main priority is that your dog lives a happy and healthy life. Our dog food only includes ingredients that will improve your dog's health and wellbeing. Our English country duck is responsibly sourced and freshly prepared to ensure that your dog gets a great source of protein to help their immune system. 

Our dog food also includes a blend of superfoods,  helping  your dog getting the vitamins and minerals they need to build up their immune system. Not only are these good for your dog, but they are also delicious for them too! Both the 2kg and 12kg bags include the same ingredients so no matter which one you buy you can be assured that your dog only gets the best.

This product includes a great source of vitamin B3,  essential for their metabolism, and a source of dietary fibre to help normalise the gastrointestinal transit time. Our New Pet Parent Duck Superfood does also include a good source of vitamin C known for its antioxidant properties, a source of iron to help support normal functions of the circulatory system, and sources of vitamin A to help maintain a healthy vision.

 The superfood blend comes with its own unique benefits:  Digestive health pre-biotics MOS and FOS which are beneficial for the growth of healthy gut bacteria and support digestion, and naturally occurring collagen found in the freshly prepared ingredients, helping to maintain healthy joints.

 All of the ingredients used contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. To view the breakdown of the ingredients used, please view the ''Nutritional Information' tab on the right.

Adult Dog Food - Duck

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