By placing an order with New Pet Parent, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms & conditions below.





“Client” means the company or individual requesting the services from New Pet Parent.


“New Pet Parent” means New Pet Parent and any associated supplier


“Minimum Term” for all Ongoing Services means 6 months from the date of commencement of the relevant Ongoing Service.





1.1 Quotations will remain valid for the period of 14 days from the date of the quotation.


1.2 This contract is subject to these Terms and Conditions. New Pet Parent reserve the right to vary the Terms and Conditions from time to time.




2.1 In relation to any ongoing service’s:-



2.1.1 HC Media is Entitled to increase its prices at least once in any 12 month period.



2.1.2 HC Media will notify the Client of any price increase in relation to clause 2.1.1 in writing at least 7 days before any increase is applied.







3.1 In relation to any Ongoing Services for Website Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO or PPC or any Service provided by New Pet Parent the Client will pay at the time of Order which will be followed up by an invoice, a non-refundable amount equal to 100% of the amount to be billed.



Thereafter the Client will be invoiced on a recurring basis in advance.



3.2 The Client will pay New Pet Parent by one or more of the below, agreeing that the work will begin upon cleared funds being received:



3.3 Cheques made payable to New Pet Parent



3.4 An arranged standing order, or electronic transfer direct to New Pet Parent bank account at Barclays and details will be included in the invoice



3.5 Failure to make payment by the 14th day after New Pet Parent issues a client with an Invoice may result in suspension and or disconnection of any Ongoing Services without any liability to New Pet Parent.