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We are an educational platform for New Pet Parents.

When you have a dog, you have a best friend for life. We are here to support you in the transition to becomming a pet owner. Welcome to the New Pet Parent tribe!

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Our Mission

Living with a dog is a blessing and you won’t realise how much they can change your life for the better until you have one. A dog will not only offer you companionship but also unconditional love, a kind that will pick you up from the darkest places on your worst days.


​When you have a dog, you have a friend forever, one that will always be there for you. Your dog will give his or her life a way to make you happy and care for you and, for this reason, it is our duty to look after our dogs the best we can.  


With the expert advice of our Founder and Veterinary Chief Officer, Dr Cristina Diaz-Madronero, a veterinarian and author with over eighteen year’s experience in small animal practice,  the New Pet Parent project was created. Dr Cristina’s passion for education and responsible pet ownership led her to author “The New Pet Parent Book”- A simple guide to help your dog thrive, to provide an easy to follow, accurate and unbiased source of information for new pet parents to learn all the basic aspects of dog care, and become advocates for their dog’s health. The New Pet Parent Project was born to bring you the knowledge necessary to become the best new pet parent and to help you give your dog the best opportunity for a happy and healthy life. 


We would love to have you in our New Pet Parent Tribe, and we are so thankful for allowing us to be a part of this very special journey with you.

Our Core Values


Happy Pet, Happy Parent

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Supporting Local Dog Shelters

Premium Products

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In the past I have really struggled finding a great dog food that will help my puppy’s health and growth. I love the superfood blend cause it gives my puppy all the vitamins and minerals she needs. New Pet Parent Dog food is the only option for me now! -


Jess Thomas

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