"I was born in beautiful Madrid (Spain) many moons ago.  As a child, I always enjoyed being in the company of all kind of animals, from cats and dogs to livestock, having had the opportunity to spend time helping in a dairy farm when I lived in a little village in the north of Spain.  My love for medicine and animals led me to start my studies at Madrid’s Veterinary School. Although hard and challenging at times, I enjoyed my years in university, which culminated with a scholarship in Bristol and Milan’s Vet schools, providing me with unforgettable experiences, knowledge, and new love found for both countries. 



Following my graduation, I moved permanently to the UK. After a brief stint working for the government as an official veterinary surgeon, I started working in practice and never looked back since! My day encompasses seeing mostly dogs and cats, although occasionally I get to treat guinea pigs, rats, hedgehogs and the occasional bird, including peacocks! I love what I do, and I feel privileged to be able to help my patients and their families, and being a part of such a special relationship. I genuinely enjoy being able to help new pet parents and provide them with advice on how to best look after their pets, so they can have a happy life and create wonderful memories together as a family.

My four-legged family currently includes two dogs, “Tek” and “Spot”, and “Tallulah” a feisty tortoiseshell kitty. Both “Tek” and “Spot” love their walks and are always keen on exploring the local countryside with us, and being part of various sporting activities, including canoeing! “Tallulah” does her own thing, as most cats do, but she has been my best writing companion, sitting on my desk by my computer for uncountable hours while writing my book."

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