Dental Paste

Dental Paste


Chlorhexidine oral gel for dogs & cats

50ml Gel

This product is a highly adhesive stomatologic gel, to be used directly or brushed as a toothpaste. It is effective in preventing plaque and tartar build-up, controlling halitosis and strengthening tooth enamel. Its chamomile flavouring makes it well accepted in most of the subjects for ease of repeated applications.

  • Directions for Use

    Start gradual introduction with your pet and reward it afterwards, once accepted ensure to use toothpaste daily. Apply on teeth and gums and gently brush for about one minute using a toothbrush or a finger-brush for best results. The product is well tolerated in case of ingestion and does not require rinsing. Repeat the application at least daily during 3-week cycles. Application cycles could be repeated depending on veterinarian’s advice.


    Zinc Citrate, Sodium monofluorophosphate, Glycyrrhetinic acid - Chlorhexidine digluconate (0,12%) - Chamomilla extract