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Top tips to understand your dog's food label

When it comes to our furry friends, we want nothing but the best for them. However, it can be challenging to understand exactly what you’re feeding your pet when food labels are over complicated and occasionally misleading. Knowing what you feed your dog will help you better understand what exactly you are allowing them to eat; this can give peace of mind that you’re giving your dog nothing but the healthy food that they deserve. New Pet Parent are on hand to help you better understand food labels.

The significance of understanding food labels

Reading the label on your dog’s food will help you determine the quality of the food itself. In general, the food’s price reflects the concentration, quantity and quality of the ingredients that are used in that particular formulation. This highlights the importance of understanding what the label tells you to help you determine what is the best choice for your four-legged buddy depending on your budget.

Unlike humans, your dog will likely eat the same food at every mealtime - therefore, it ought to be good! Careful and informed reading of your pets food labels can assist you in deciding if it is of good nutritional value for your pet. The food you choose will contribute massively to the well-being of your furry friend therefore we must always make sure that the food we feed our pets is nutritionally complete and balanced.

By law, your dog food label must contain the following information*:

  • Name and product description

  • Composition

  • Analytical constituents (information about nutrient levels)

  • Additives

  • Best before date, Batch code

  • The name of the producer or the distributor and how to contact them for further information

  • How to use the product (feeding instructions)

  • Weight and/or quantity statement

*(FEDIAF Code of Good Labelling for Pet Food)

Being unclear on what exactly you are feeding your pet can be unsettling as we all want to make sure we feed our pets the best we can afford. Fortunately for all those adoring dog owners, New Pet Parent has developed an incredible and exceptionally nutritionally balanced superfood - finished with a clear and easy to read label that we are considerably proud of.

What is inside the New Pet Parent Superfood?

Our Superfood is enriched with all the nutrients necessary for your dog to thrive. We are proud to sell both puppy food and adult food that is FEDIAD approved and compact with balanced nutrients that are important for their health.

Our Superfood is cooked using the Freshtrushion(™) method, helping to preserve the flavours, proteins and nutrients. Furthermore, New Pet Parent is proud to use all-natural ingredients and unique blends of fruits and vegetables - therefore, our recipe includes no preservative or artificial colourings.

How our Superfood will benefit your dog

Pet owners want their furry companion by their side for as long as possible. Without fully understanding the contents of the food you are feeding your dog, you could be unintentionally depriving them of the nutrients necessary for a long and healthy life. When feeding your dog New Pet Parent’s Superfood, you can rest assured they consume a nutritionally optimised and balanced blend.

In addition to the range of exciting wellness products and accessories available from the website, New Pet Parent are proud to extend their Superfood to both puppy and adult dogs. The carefully included essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals of these pet food products are formulated to meet complete and balanced nutritional standards. Be sure to check out the New Pet Parent store today!

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