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How to buy a puppy responsibly

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Bringing a puppy into your life is a truly precious experience, but it is also a commitment for life. When looking to bring a new pet into your home, it is of the utmost importance that you conduct research and consider all aspects of becoming a pet parent. Before making your decision you should ask yourself the following questions:

Is a Dog Suited to Your Lifestyle?

Despite the endless enjoyment a puppy brings, amongst an array of other crucial factors, it is important to appreciate that your little pet , although cute as a button, will grow into a dog in need of plentiful attention and care. Here at New Pet Parent, we ask you to carefully consider the following before welcoming a puppy to your life, for life!

Their Environment

Regardless of their breed, tiny puppies inevitably grow into larger dogs. You should have enough space for them to relax, exercise their natural behaviours such as playing and exercising - particularly if you intend to buy a larger breed!

Their Cost

In order to lead a healthy life, dogs should be fed a nutritious diet and cared for like any other family member. A dog will require an array of costly features including; health checks, vaccinations, Prophylactic Care (worming and flea treatments, etc), toys, grooming, a place to stay when you are on holiday and so on - in addition to their initial COST! As a responsible pet parent, you should be prepared for the unexpected veterinary costs of medical conditions and emergency treatments, and this requires factoring into your monthly bills. Here at the New Pet Parent, we strongly encourage you to purchase a pet insurance policy in order to help you protect your little one and your pocket! Should your furry friend become sick, you would want to avoid the heartbreaking situation of being unable to afford their vet bills.

An owners responsibilities

Dedicating yourself to a puppy is the responsibility of a lifetime. Much to many individuals' surprise, dogs do not clean up after themselves - these cute and cuddly pets must go to the bathroom and will inevitably shed their hair over your clean house! Before committing to welcoming a puppy into your life, you need to seriously consider if you will be able to provide him or her with adequate attention, care and all the exercise that they require - this is dependent on their breed.

Are you choosing the right Breeder?

An appalling amount of puppies and their parents are subject to exploitation in puppy farms and from third party dealers in order to turn a quick profit. These poor animals are suffering a clear violation of animal welfare standards in various countries, regrettably the UK is no exception. Although Lucy’s Law has helped to regulate this issue in the UK, we remain faced with the immense issue of puppy smuggling due to high demand, driven by lockdowns and social status. As a responsible prospective pet parent, you ought to seek out the following indications to learn if you are dealing with a suspicious breeder:

  • The same contact number is listed on various puppy adverts on online shopping platforms.

  • You should always meet the mother and her puppies in their home environment, not in a questionable space such as a car park. Not being invited to meet the puppies parents and siblings should raise immediate alarm bells - even if it is in a home environment.

  • The puppies are not interacting with one another.

  • The seller makes you feel uncomfortable when asking questions, they clearly just want your money.

  • They claim the puppies have been vaccinated or microchipped, but have no documentation to prove so.

  • The puppy has a passport, this means they have likely been imported.

  • The puppies have cropped ears. This cruel and unnecessary mutilation is an illegal practice in the UK.

The consequences of purchasing from an untrustworthy breeder are that you may be left with an incredibly sick and traumatised puppy. Although it is tempting to purchase the puppies to save them from the breeder and to take them to a loving home, you are simply making space for another litter and for more defenceless puppies to be subject to such treatment.

Additionally, any reputable breeder will sign a puppy purchase contract and would be more than happy to answer all of the questions you may have.

Carefully considering the above factors is a sure way to feel more prepared for the lifelong responsibility and commitment to a puppy. Here at New Pet Parent, we would like to ensure that you have all of the necessary information required before becoming a responsible pet parent and to help your puppy thrive.

Products listed throughout the New Pet Parent website ensure the correct care and nutrition for your new furry friend. If you would like to learn more on how to care for your little one, additional guidance is available to those who purchase Dr Cristina’s highly renowned book ‘The New Pet Parent Book: A simple guide to help your dog thrive’.

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